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GREP (Generator of Reaction Equations & Pathways) is a web-based program to look for reported and putative enzyme reaction equations, especially designed for finding metabolic pathways on orphan metabolites (compounds known to be present at least in a living organism, but whose synthetic/degradation pathways are unknown). Generation of putative reaction equations were based on pattern matching of chemical structure of reported metabolites, and the quality was checked using random forest method (Kotera et al. 2008, submitted).

How to use

The input form located above accepts the following search words. Compounds can also be found from compound classes
  • Search by Compound IDs
    Chemical compounds are specified by the ID numbers defined in the KEGG database. (Examples: C00341, C10203, C08538)
  • Search by name
    Compound IDs can be looked up by name. (Examples: camphor, miraxanthin)
  • Specifying two or more compounds
    When two or more compound IDs are specified, reactions containing all specified compounds is shown. (Example: C06078C00964)
  • Search by partial EC numbers
    EC sub-subclasses are also searchable. (Example: 1.2.3.-)

GREP v1.0.2
Developed by Masaaki Kotera (2008), Department of Biochemistry, Trinity College Dublin.
Science Foundation of Ireland is gratefully acknowledged.